Current Inventory

Feb 10, 2010

PW10112$450Rockford 18s 11J Extra, Beautiful Invisible Joint Case; Special Interest!
PW10111$675Illinois 16s 21J Sangamo Special, Scarce Marking Variant; Special Interest!
PW10107$525Elgin 12s 23J Lord Elgin, Grade 194; Special Interest!
PW10101$1350Hampden 18s 15J J.P. Stevens, Stevens Patent Regulator; Special Interest!
PW10093$2600Illinois 16s 23J Bunn Special 163, Scarce Type 1R Variant; Special Interest!
PW10092$1800Elgin 16s 23J BW Raymond, Up Down Wind Indicator; Special Interest!
PW10039$1200Illinois 18s 21J Bunn Special, Rare Striped Damaskeen; Special Interest!
PW10110$250Elgin 16s 19J BW Raymond, Gold Hairspring
PW10108$250Hampden 6s 16J, Scarce 2-Tone
PW10088$475Illinois 16s 19J Bunn, Scarce Variant 400 Made
PW10041$675Illinois 18s 17J Bunn, Rare Striped Dmsk
CM10168$375Rockford 16s 17J Winnebago, Scarce HC Model
CM10167$155Elgin 16s 21J BW Raymond, Grade 391
CM10166$375Illinois 18s 15J Stuart, Model 2
CM10165$210Waltham 18s 15J Appleton Tracy, Gold Flashed Pattern
CM10164$120Waltham 18s 15J Appleton Tracy, Frosted Pattern
CM10137$90Waltham 16s 15J Preston Jr., Cool Gold and Nickel Mvt
CD10153$150Hampden 18s Dial, J.P. Stevens Watch Co.
CD10151$20Illinois 18s Dial, Hunting Case model
CD10147$165Ball 18s Dial, For Elgin-Ball
CD10146$25Ball 12s Dial, For Illinois-Ball
CD10145$40Illinois 16s Dial, Burlington
CD10113$600Illinois 16s Ariston dial, Rare Model 9
CD10105$50Illinois 16s Dial, Factory Error?
CD10104$18Illinois 18s Dial, Federal Watch Co.
CD10088$50Elgin 16s Dial, BW Raymond WWII Military
CD10075$150Hamilton 18s Kendrick's Dial, Ball Style markings
CD10071$50Elgin 16s Dial, Keystone-Elgin with 3 Stars
CD10069$60Illinois 18s Dial, C. Hartdegen, Newark NJ
CD10067$28Waltham 18s Sol Dial, Image of Setting Sun
CD10063$300Ball-Elgin 16s Dial, Rare ... Model or Prototype?
CD10060$20American Watch Co. 18s Dial, Model 1857
CD10041$90Rockford 16s Dial, Snap On for Dome Model
CD10036$35Hampden 18s Dial, DS Roman OF Model
CD10033$8Elgin 16s Dial, SS Roman
CD10031$45Waltham 18s Dial, Model 1883 DS Arabic OF
CD10030$55American Watch Co. 18s Dial, Scarce Model 1870
CD10027$50Illinois 18s Dial, Paillard Non-Magnetic
CC10162$27516 Size YGF Case, Beautifully Engraved
CC10160$9016 Size Case, Gold Filled
CC10159$10016 Size Display Case, Illinois Watch Co.
CC10141$3216 Size Case, 2-Tone Wadsworth Platold
CC10139$3016 Size Case, Dueber Silverine
CC10121$15Waltham 18s Holder, Glassback Mvt Shipper
AX10037$15Hamilton Watch Co., Celluloid Advertising Piece
AX10035$30Hamilton Watch Co., 1933 Timebook
AX10032$80Illinois Watch Co., Wooden Box
AX10025$25Hamilton Watch Co., 1929 Time Book
AX10023$30Omega Watch Co., Diecut Pocketwatch Model
AX10022$50Hamilton Watch Co., Celluloid and Leather Passholder
AX10020$15Illinois Watch Co., Factory Postcard
AX10019$30South Bend Watch Co., Frozen Watch pin
AX10016$35Waltham Watch Co., Celluloid and Leather Passholder
AX10015$30Ball Watch Co., B of RT Pin
AO10014$45American Pocket Watches, Book by Ehrhardt & Meggers
AO10013$25Elgin Watch Co., Book by Roy Ehrhardt
AO10012$25Rockford Watch Co., Book by Roy Ehrhardt
AO10011$151980 Price Indicator, Book by Roy Ehrhardt
AO10010$121976 Price Indicator, Book by Roy Ehrhardt
AO10008$45United States Watch Co., Book on Marion Watches
AO10004$131977 Price Indicator, Book by Roy Ehrhardt
AO10001$151978 Price Indicator, Book by Roy Ehrhardt
SoldPW10114Waltham 16s 21J Cronometro Supremo, Rare Export model; Special Interest!
SoldPW10102Hamilton 18s 21J Mermod Jaccard, Paragon Time Keeper; Special Interest!
SoldPW10079Waltham 16s 23J Benedict Bros, 18K Gold and Triple Signed; Special Interest!
SoldPW10075Illinois 16s 21J Bunn Special 161, Original Box & Engraved Case; Special Interest!
SoldPW10073Hamilton 16s 21J Grade 992, Unusual Original Rating Card; Special Interest!
SoldPW10061Waltham 16s 17J Diamond Express, Beautiful 14K - Model 1888; Special Interest!
SoldPW10051Illinois 18s 21J Bunn Special, Original Ferguson Dial; Special Interest!
SoldPW10050Illinois 18s 16J Bunn, Rare 16 Jewel; Special Interest!
SoldPW10038Waltham 18s 21J C.P.R., Hunting Case - 100 Made; Special Interest!
SoldAX10014Adams and Perry, Lancaster Watches Tradecard; Special Interest!
SoldPW10109Illinois 12s 23J Grade 410, Crosshatch Damaskeen
SoldPW10106Hamilton 16s 22J Gr. 4992B, .800 Silver Case
SoldPW10105Waltham 18s 21J Crescent St., Beautiful 2-Tone Dmsk
SoldPW10104Hamilton 18s 19J Grade 944, Marked 944
SoldPW10103Hampden 18s 16J, Tappin's Diamond Palace
SoldPW10100Illinois 16s 21J Bunn Special 60 Hr, Unusual Boxcar style dial
SoldPW10099Seth Thomas 18s 17J Model 5, Beautiful 2-Tone Dmsk
SoldPW10098Waltham 18s 17J Grade 35, Beautiful Frosted Pattern
SoldPW10096Hamilton 12s 17J Grade 912, 10 Sided Case
SoldPW10089Waltham 18s 15J Special RR King, For Railroad Service
SoldPW10087Illinois 18s 24J Bunn Special, Glassback case
SoldPW10086Hamilton 18s 21J Grade 940, Leadville, Colorado PL
SoldPW10083Hamilton 16s 21J Grade 992B, 4C Serial Prefix c. 1970
SoldPW10081Illinois 16s 17J Grade 305, Wild 2-Tone Mvt
SoldPW10080Elgin 6s 11J Gold-Filled, Nicely Engraved Hunting Case
SoldPW10077Elgin 16s 11J Convertible, Beautiful GF Case
SoldPW10072Illinois 16s 23J Sangamo, Scarce 500 made
SoldPW10071Elgin 16s 21J BW Raymond, Grade 571
SoldPW10070Waltham 12s 17J Crest, Special Order
SoldPW10067Elgin 16s 21J BW Raymond, US Army Airs Corps
SoldPW10063Elgin 12s 23J Grade 194, Total Production 3000
SoldPW10060Elgin 16s 21J Non Magnetic, Paillard Non-Magnetic Watch Co.
SoldPW10054Illinois 16s 19J Sangamo Special, Scarce False Bridge Model
SoldPW10034Illinois 16s 21J Sangamo Special, 24 Hour Dial
SoldPW10033Elgin 16s 19J Tasco Extra, Rare Special Order
SoldPW10032South Bend 16s 9J Grade 209, Statue of Liberty Case
SoldCM10163Elgin 18s 15J, Needs Work
SoldCM10155Illinois 18s 17J Grade 89, Sharp 2-Tone Pattern
SoldCM10138Hampden 18s 17J Special Railway, Beautiful 2-Tone Dmsk
SoldCM10134Waltham 18s 15J Appleton Tracy, Frosted and Nickel mvt
SoldCM10131Waltham 18s 15J Crescent St., Beautiful Damaskeen
SoldCM10130Hampden 16s 21J Grade 105, Model 4
SoldCM10129Hampden 18s 21J Special Railway, Beautiful 2-Tone
SoldCM10128Hampden 18s 15J Private Label, Early High Grade
SoldCM10127Hampden 18s 11J Star, Private Label keywind
SoldCM10120Hamilton 16s 21J Grade 991, Movement/Dial/Hands
SoldCM10119Waltham 18s 17J Appleton Tracy, Early Model 1892
SoldCM10116Hamilton 16s 21J Grade 993, Early Dmsk & Marked 993
SoldCM10096U.S. Watch Co. 16s 15/11J, Beautiful Acid Etched
SoldCM10085Hamilton 16s 21J Grade 992, Pendent Set Mvt/Dial/Hands
SoldCM10065Hampden 16s 11J, Flag H grade
SoldCM10057Illinois 16s 17J Grade 178, Rare - 100 Total made
SoldCM10054Waltham 18s 15J Grade 25, Beautiful Model 1883
SoldCM10020Illinois 18s 15J Bunn, Rare Pure Stemwind Model 2
SoldCM10019Elgin 16s 15J Ball, Webb C. Ball O'hara dial
SoldCM10018Waltham 18s 15J Grade 35, B&O RR Inspector dial
SoldCD10126Illinois 16s Dial, Gothic Montgomery
SoldCD10111Illinois 16s Dial, DS Arabic Red Ball
SoldCD10110Hamilton 18s Dial, Double Sunk Roman
SoldCD10094Aurora 18s Dial, Cool Flag style signature
SoldCD10078Elgin 16s Dial, DS Slanted Arabic
SoldCD10070Elgin 12s Runic Dial, Letters at each Hour
SoldCD10068Illinois 16s Dial, Lambert Bros., New York
SoldCD10058Howard N (18) size Dial, Private Label for Joslin & Park
SoldCD10040South Bend 16s Fancy Dial, Rare Double-Sunk
SoldCD10039United States 18s Dial, United States Watch Co.
SoldCD10032Waltham 18s Dial, Model 1892 DS Roman
SoldCD10029Illinois 16s Burlington Dial, Rare 24 Hour style
SoldCD10028Illinois 16s Dial, Ogden, Utah Private-Label
SoldCD10017Waltham 20s Dial, Scarce 20 size
SoldCC1016116 Size WGF Case, NAWCo. King
SoldCC1015818 Size Display Case, Beeded Edges
SoldCC1015616 Size Case, Base-Metal
SoldCC1014218 Size Case, Coin Silver Keywind
SoldCC1012316 Size Case, Gold Filled
SoldCC1010316 Size Case, Pugh Bros. Special RR Model
SoldCC1004218 size Gold Filled Case, Canadian made
SoldAX10031Elgin Watch Co., Elgin Railroad Watches wallet
SoldAX10030Waltham Watch Co., 1945 Watchmakers Handbook
SoldAX10028Illinois Watch Co., 1924 Lincoln Essay booklet
SoldAX10024Hamilton Watch Co., 1937 Catalog
SoldAX10012Waltham Watch Co., Celluloid and Leather Passholder
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