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Illinois 16s 23J Bunn Special 163A
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Illinois Watch Co. 16 size 23 jewel open face lever-set Bunn Special Grade 163A movement/dial/hands.  Unsold piece in new old stock condition, this watch is from the personal collection of the late John F. Gelson former president of Hamilton Watch Company and previous to this was a part of the Hamilton factory's internal collection for a number of decades.  Movement is held in a metal tin containing an inner one sided tin that fits the movement snugly, this type of movement tin is typical of many of the pieces that were in the Hamilton factory's collection.  Movement has the usual superb finish of this top quality railroad grade and is fronted by a double-sunk enamel Montgomery "Illinois Bunn Special 23 Jewel 60 Hour" signed dial.  Serial number is 5456332.

Superb new old stock condition but not running as it is likely this movement has not seen a servicing in the 80+ years since its manufacture.  Balance is gummy, and when a stem is inserted it catches the setting mechanism properly but does not revert back to winding mechanism which is likely due to simple gumminess in the winding/setting clutch assembly.  Movement surfaces are beautiful with only a handful of extremely fine contact marks either picked up from original assembly or handling in the decades since.  Dial is superb with no flaws.

$1900 plus shipment.